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Lynn Star Distribution and Logistics Ltd’s current managing director took over the business 22 years ago when the company had only five standard wheelbase vans operating out of a small base in the centre of King’s Lynn.

From humble beginnings the company has grown and Lynn Star now offers 75,000 square feet of warehousing spread between two locations – a 44,000 square feet DFT approved site, and a further 30,000 square feet of racked warehousing. The fleet now hosts 23 vehicles ranging from 44 tonne articulated lorries, and rigid trucks ranging from 7.5 tonne up to 26 tonne.


Our philosophy:

Lynn Star Haulage Distribution and Logistics Ltd stand out because we provide a top quality service tailored to the customer’s specific requirements, backed by reliability. We offer the complete package – we can store it securely, take care of packing operations as required, manage container consignments, and of course we provide a comprehensive delivery service.  Essentially though, the main component of our success is our reputation for reliability and the fact that we refuse to be complacent. We aim to continue ensuring the success of our business by maintaining a high standard of care whilst striving for the continued satisfaction and growth of our customers.













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